Uvalde Texas school shooting: Parents demand answers on police response; President Biden plans visit to honor victims

UVALDE, Texas — President Joe Biden and the first lady will travel to Texas on Sunday to pay tribute to the 21 victims shot and killed at an elementary school in Uvalde.

Several memorials are popping up across the community and families and people across not only Uvalde but the state are coming out and paying their respects at all hours of the day.

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Parishioners at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Uvalde honored those lost in this week’s tragedy.

Their prayers came amid new details about the investigation and growing anger over the police response.

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Law enforcement officials are facing intense criticism over their changing stories about how everything unfolded once the gunman arrived at the school.

“They don’t make entry initially because of the gunfire they’re receiving,” said Victor Escalon, Texas Department of Public Safety.

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It appears a resource officer did not confront the gunman outside the school as authorities had first said.

Parents are demanding to know why it took more than an hour to take down the shooter.

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And while authorities piece together a motive, survivors are trying to move forward.

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The memorial is growing for all 21 victims whose names are now etched in white crosses outside the school.

The distraught families are taking on the difficult task of making arrangements for their loved ones.

The only two funeral homes in Uvalde are both offering free funeral services to victims of the shooting.

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