In about 48 hours it will get real bad for RU

Zelenskyy sinks Putin's prize flagship.  Will Milton Bradley release a special Ukraine edition of their

You know most of their contract soldiers contracts expire in 48 hours. There will sure be want out of there. Bad enough for them, but of course it gets worse — the guys left there will be pretty thinned out and they are not gonna want to be there with no help. I guess Putin could try and hold them there — but that will about do it for his ability to get any more contract soldiers — and boy talk about a moral problem. Really — those guys did their contract — they expect to go home.

You guys get it—right? Putin thru most of his forces into that kill box in that Izyum—Bakhmut—Severodonetsk triangle. It exposes the southern axis and they are and will keep launching counter offenses (already started) there and all over Ukraine to take advantage of it. It is bloody and all that in the box — but great for UKR overall operational goals. RU constricted the vast majority of their combat forces in a small area—completely open to envelopment and powerless to reinforce operations in the entire rest of Ukraine. UKR does not have to win in that box here — just hold. They can just play defense and be able to hold off more than 3 times their numbers. (more like 5 times their numbers in urban fighting).

And if you do not like the way I write — just ignore me. I am way too old to care — and I just like to get to the point anyway at this point in my life.

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