Meta Oculus Quest 2 price just dropped by $149. Wait…what?

What’s happening? Exactly how long was I out in the sun today? Because it looks like the Oculus Quest 2 price is suddenly $149 cheaper on Amazon right now. That’s right folks, we’re looking at our first decent-sized discount for the recently-renamed Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset. [Update: it looks like the 128GB price keeps flashing between $269 and $199, so maybe hop on the 256GB deal if it goes as it looks like stock is running low on both potentially].

That’s a sweet brace of deals right there. $100 off the 128GB model and $149 off the 256GB variant. At a mere fifty bucks more, we’d be tempted to go for the bigger one so you can really pack some games into the all-in-one VR headset that’s become such a huge hit in the last couple of years. We’ve been rounding up the best Memorial Day TV sales all day today, but this has us in full ‘take my money’ mode for sure.

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