Officials and residents react to Sunday night shooting | Crime

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) — Flint saw four shootings in 24 hours this Memorial Day Weekend.

Those four shootings started Sunday morning in the south side of Flint around 4 am Another happened around 9 am on the city’s east side on New York Avenue.

A third shooting was reported after midnight Monday in north Flint on Susan Street. The fourth shooting was reported in the 400 block of South Saginaw Street in downtown Flint just before midnight.

Video on Facebook shows dozens of people running for safety. One person was in critical condition from that shooting on Monday.

The gathering at the Flat Lots started with something positive — Beats and Bar-B-Que — put on by several local organizations. The event ended with gunfire.

“You have a nice event and what’s the end result? People shooting. And not just shooting. They shoot no matter. They’re shooting like it’s the wild, wild west,” said Flint councilwoman Tonya Burns.

She’s immensely disappointed with the city’s law enforcement.

Burns said that despite actions the council has taken to support the Flint Police Department, including $500,000 in ARPA funds for recruiting new officers, people still call her for help because they think she can mobilize the police faster than dispatch.

“I have a problem. I specifically asked the chief, ‘If you cannot call me back, give me someone else I can speak to who can return my call.’ Because when residents are calling me, I’m calling you.

Mayor Sheldon Neely said the events of this weekend were regrettable.

“We understand what gun violence does to a community. We know what the warmer weather and absence of more restrictions of the pandemic — people are excited to be out and what to fellowship with one another. And sometimes those very few incidents break out into violent interactions,” he explained.

University of Michigan-Flint student Alvin Brown lives downtown. He saw videos of the shooting on Facebook Monday morning, as well as a massive party at the Flat Lot.

He believes a combination of heat and alcohol led to Sunday night’s celebrations getting out of hand.

“A lot of people were definitely laughed up. A lot of people had — were intoxicated. So obviously, a lot of people weren’t going to be in their right mind,” he said.

Brown cares deeply for Flint and felt he had to do something. So he showed up as soon as he had breakfast to pick up all the trash in the lot, including broken glass, food containers, discarded shoes and clothes and even dirty diapers.

“Everybody, despite the negativity and stigma we receive, we still have to show that we do have some good, we do have some positivity here in Flint. And I want to go ahead and do my part as a person who stays in the community ,” Brown said.

It’s unclear how many shootings Flint has had this year, because the weekly crime statistics on they city’s website were last updated in mid-April.


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