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[This story contains spoilers for the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.]

Charlie Heaton is aware that not all Stranger Things fans have been completely satisfied with recent storylines for his character.

The actor, who plays Jonathan Byers on Netflix’s hit sci-fi series, took part in an interview with British QG that published online on Monday. Given that some viewers have expressed frustrations on social media and other online forums about Jonathan not having as much involvement on the show since the second season, Heaton was asked during the sit-down whether he feels his character has been pushed to the sidelines.

“I know why you’re asking that,” replied Heaton, 28. “And I’ve definitely seen some forums like Screen Rant or something — ‘What happened to the character?’ It is an ensemble cast; obviously every season they’ve brought in new characters, wonderful characters, and they’ve taken the story to different places.”

The performer went on to praise the direction of season four, which he liked to Nightmare on Elm Street. He also teased that the season will test Jonathan’s romantic relationship with Nancy Wheeler, played by Heaton’s longtime real-life girlfriend, Natalia Dyer.

“We find him in a place of questioning himself and his relationship,” Heaton said of his character in the new batch of episodes. He added about the show’s couple, known by fans as Jancy: “You want the people to be invested in them. Sometimes it blurs into one. Me and Natalia have been together for a long time, so you’ve even got to separate it yourself sometimes.”

Stranger Thingswhich also stars Winona Ryder, David Harbor and Millie Bobby Brown, recently released the first volume of its fourth season on Netflix.

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