DDR5 memory drops below €5 per gigabyte, 20% cheaper in a month

DDR5 pricing looks better by the day

Following a bumpy start of DDR5 memory technology, the pricing for new generation kits is finally dropping to an affordable level.

ComputerBase reports that DDR5-4800 memory is now available for under 5 EUR per gigabyte, which is 20% cheaper in just four weeks time. This is a significant reduction from 15 EUR per gigabyte at the end of 2021.

ComputerBase’s price tracker now lists more than 200 different DDR5 kits. The standard SO-DIMM (desktop) 32GB kit of DDR5-4800 memory (which is the JEDEC standard) now costs 154 EUR.

DDR5 Memory Pricing, Source: ComputerBase

A similar price reduction is observed for mobile U-DIMM memory, where 16GB modules are typically a standard. Kingston’s 4800 MT/s module now costs 42 EUR, which is more than half cheaper than it was in February (99 EUR).

On the other hand, pricing for DDR4 technology has not seen a massive price reduction in the last few months. The G.SKILL Aegis 16GB kit with 3200 MT/s speed remains at 56 EUR, which is more or less the same price for the last 6 months.

DDR4 Memory Pricing, Source: ComputerBase

In the fourth quarter the PC market will see a massive push for new DDR5 capable platforms, from both Intel and AMD. Intel Raptor Lake will support even faster memory than Alder Lake, while AMD AM5 platform will support DDR5 memory exclusively.

The DDR4 is probably not going away just yet though, Raptor Lake will support DDR4 (also through existing 600-series motherboards), while AMD still wants to keep its AM4 platform alive for the next couple of years.

Source: ComputerBase

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