Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios early 2023

Here we go! A sneak peek of the upcoming Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood in California — the first Nintendo-themed area in an American theme park — has finally dropped and it looks cool as hell.

On Thursday, Universal Studios shared a clip of the Super Nintendo World’s flagship ride, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. The park also confirmed that Super Nintendo World is expected to open in 2023.

Riders “steer through courses underwater and in the clouds” and collect coins, a press release accompanying the video snippet said. It promises to be a “multi-dimensional experience” with augmented reality and a moving ride track, but even if it can’t fulfill that, it really does look nifty. There’s a special wristband that seemingly activates your kart, and the augmented reality goggles appear to show Mario, Peach and Bowser racing alongside riders. Each race is different, the press release adds.

If it’s anything like the ride at the Super Nintendo World in Japan, you can even hit enemies with shells. No word on whether you can shrink them with a lightning bolt, though.

The world itself looks promising. Even though there may not be much else to do aside from hop onto this ride — there are “interactive areas” and “themed shopping and dining,” the press release assures — the reviews of its Japanese equivalent are dazzling, praising its immersive feel and innovation.

Perhaps the coolest thing about it, at least in terms of what the press material hints at, is that you enter Super Nintendo World through a green warp pipe — just like in the games — and this writer is especially stoked to hear the warping sound when you walk in and out of the land.

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