Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Leaves Players Disappointed and Angry

This year’s global Pokemon Go Fest event took place on June 4th and 5th, and the event seemed to be a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the event had some interesting new content, including the debut of the Ultra Beast Nihilego, and the sudden disappearance of Professor Willow. However, many fans expressed disappointment with what they got out of the $14.99 ticket price. There were several complaints about the rate of Shiny encounters, and many people also encountered technical issues. Now that the event is over, many players are feeling disappointed, and making developer Niantic know how they feel.

Niantic has been getting a lot of pressure from pokemon go players over the last few months. The company has been rolling back a lot of the quality-of-life changes that were made at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as the company seeks ways to get players spending time with the game in public again. That has led to a lot of backlash, and this weekend’s event likely won’t make fans feel much better about how things are going!

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Pokemon Go Fest 2022!

Fans aren’t happy about what they got for that ticket price.


Players feel scammed.


Some are already planning to spend less next year.


The problems went beyond the tickets, though.


That’s a lot of time spent.


There were technical issues, too.


It certainly seemed like a bust compared to previous years!



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