Aliens: Dark Descent Officially Announced

Aliens: Dark Descent has been announced, and it looks like a squad-based, top-down shooter.

Revealed at Summer Game Fest, Aliens: Dark Descent was revealed in a cinematic trailer very reminiscent of James Cameron’s take on the Aliens universe, with hordes of Xenomorphs hunting down a team of space marines.

The trailer ends with a brief look at the gameplay where squads of Marines are shown fighting off waves of Aliens in a top-down perspective.

It’s unclear how these marines will be controlled and whether it is co-op, but this appears to be taking a squad-based approach to combat rather than a solo adventure like in games like Alien: Isolation.

Aliens: Dark Descent – Summer Game Fest 2022

In 1986, James Cameron released a bigger and badder sequel with more Xenomorphs hunting down a larger team of armed space marines. It was a very different tone than the horror-vibe of Ridley Scott’s original Alien, but some prefer the different flavor of Cameron’s sequel,

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