Cody Whitehair Couldn’t Hide Smile On Bears New Practice Intensity

Cody Whitehair has been around for a long time. Before this season, he’d played for two different head coaches, each with their own ideas about how practices should be run. John Fox was an old-school guy but known for being somewhat laid back in his approach. Matt Nagy had plenty of energy, but nobody would ever mistake his practices of being too physical. Barely two months of experiencing Matt Eberflus as the new head coach, Whitehair already understands a new reality. This guy is different.

That became clear when the Bears got flagged by the NFL Players Association for having practices deemed too physical and intense for non-padded drills. As a result, the team saw one of their OTA practices forfeited. Whitehair was asked whether he felt the intensity was too much. The veteran center smiled and said Chicago suddenly has a roster filled with young guys. When the coaches set high expectations, it is only natural to expect intense practices. It didn’t sound like he regretted the extra physicality from the way he spoke. He only regrets getting caught.

Cody Whitehair finally has someone in charge who understands him.

As an offensive lineman, his job is to fire off the ball and maul defenders at every opportunity. This hasn’t always been the reputation for the Bears over the past six seasons he’s been with the team. Too often, they were known for being more finesse than physical. From the moment GM Ryan Poles took over, he stated that would change. He wants a well-conditioned, quick, and violent offensive line forward. Eberflus planned to enforce that mentality and didn’t waste time doing so.

The new conditioning regimen has Cody Whitehair trimmed down by around 10 lbs. That means he’s operating around 306. Considering how quick and agile he was at the original weight, it’s scary to imagine how well he’ll move now. To top it off, the new offense is perfect for him. The Bears plan to implement the wide zone scheme under Luke Getsy, a system based on running the football. It demands linemen that are smart, mobile, and physical. All features he exudes.

This could end up being a great year for him.

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