Davante Adams: Aaron Rodgers respected, understood my decision to leave Green Bay


Earlier this week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told reporters that he couldn’t fault Davante Adams for wanting to get traded to the Raiders because it was the best decision for the receiver and his family.

On Thursday, Adams further explained his rationale as to why he wanted to leave Green Bay for Las Vegas. As the five-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro explained it, the stability at quarterback along with the ability to play closer to his home state of California were both significant factors.

“[Rodgers and I] talked throughout the whole process,” Adams said in his press conference. “He was aware of where I stood and I was aware of where he stood. And we had talks. Just like what he said the other day, we had talks about his future and what he thinks his duration in Green Bay or just football in general would look like.

“And that played into my decision as well because where I am in my career — and this isn’t a shot at any other quarterbacks in Green Bay. I love Jordan Love especially, he’s a great guy. But I’ve got aspirations of doing really, really big things and being remembered. And it just wasn’t really a point in my career that I was willing to sacrifice Aaron not being there after a year or two. So my decision was to be here and he respected that, he understood that.”

Adams added that because he’s closer to California, he’ll be able to pack a suite full of his family. And that’s a big deal for him because his grandparents hadn’t seen him play when he was in Green Bay.

But the relationship between Adams and Rodgers remains solid, even as Adams gets ready for his first season in Las Vegas.

“We’ve had a lot of great talks,” Adams said. “He was in The Match, I’m sure y’all know about that, and wanted me to go play a practice round with him in the morning. And I definitely would have gone and done that but we had practice here.”

Rodgers may have understood Adams’ decision but he’ll likely still miss him a lot on the field in 2022. Adams averaged eight catches for 98 yards with a touchdown per game over the last two seasons, earning back-to-back All-Pro honors.

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