Google releases bug-fixing Android 13 Beta 3.1 update faster than expected

A whole new update just two days later, all for a single fix

Google often releases an X.1 bug-fixing increment to its Android developer preview and beta releases, but we just got a new one much faster than expected. Android 13 Beta 3.1 is now rolling out mere days after Beta 3 landed, with only a single fix included.

The new release restores the Android Beta Feedback app that should have been included in the initial Beta 3 release but which, for whatever reason, wasn’t. The release of Beta 3 was also slightly delayed on Wednesday, landing a few hours after it was expected to and after Google announced it, which could have been related.

These incremental bug-fixing updates aren’t unusual and many releases get them. But one has never landed so quickly on the heels of its initial release. Android 13 Beta 3 landed only two days prior. Not including a mechanism for providing feedback is a show-stopping issue on a beta, though, so it’s understandable that Google would want to push the update out ASAP.


The update is pretty dinky, too.

That change is literally the only one Google mentions in its release notes, so we can’t imagine that there are any new hidden features to find, but we’ll be digging through in any case just to be sure, so keep an eye out for our future coverage.

OTA images for the update are now available, and we’ve spotted it in the process of rolling out on our own Pixels currently enrolled in the Android 13 Beta Program, so you can install it at your leisure.

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