How To Get ‘Destiny 2’ Trials Loot While Being Bad At Trials

Destiny 2 has brought Trials of Osiris back this weekend, and while this was an Iron Banner-focused season, the good new loot is actually in Trials. Three new armor sets and two new guns, a Fusion Rifle and a Sidearm.

But if you’re not a PvP player in Destiny 2, it can feel exhausting to attempt to go for that stuff. But thankfully, due to past Trials reworks, it’s actually not as hard as you might imagine. I mean, you’ll need some patience and perseverance, but we’re a long way from the era where losing at Trials meant you walked away with quite literally nothing at all.

I consider myself bad at Trials, yet after yesterday, I got a full set of monkey armor on my Hunter, a few pieces on Titan, and three guns, including Aisha’s Embrace, which I didn’t have before. That was just maybe 2-3 hours of dedicated play, losing a batch.

So, some advice:

This is not actually the weekend to try this. It’s far more terrible than usual because there’s A) no freelance playlist, meaning you will constantly face three-stacks, B) no double rep, and all our progress and loot is coming from rep rank-ups and then C) matchmaking is also broken and is now “wild west” mode where you can match against any team, at any point on their card, which means harder matches for bad players. You might want to wait until next week which is double rep and matchmaking should hopefully be fixed.

But you want to get the loot anyway? Fine. Here’s what you should know:

  • You don’t need game wins, you need round wins. Even if you can squeeze out one round from a 1-5 loss, I would consider that a win at this rate. Never reset your card (Ferocity, we don’t care about loss forgiveness), you’re not going for flawless here folks. Stay on your card until you have 20 round wins, which will get you maximum rep gains going forward after that. Yes, wins are more rep, but you will still be getting 100 minimum rep per loss, so you can progress forward in ranks. Major ranks get you powerful drops of Trials loot, minor ranks get you Trials engrams.
  • Turn your Trials engrams into Rahool. This is how you will assemble the pieces of the new armor set, and it is also likely to get you weapons you’re missing, including the new Fusion Rifle. For whatever reason, you cannot get the new Sidearm until you either reach rank 16 to unlock it at Saint, or it has the potential to drop from a Flawless chest (but that ain’t us). So that’s a long term grind that even I’m not going to do this weekend in full.
  • In terms of actually playing Trials, just try to be as comfortable as you can. You don’t need to run around with a hand cannon and shotgun just because that’s what everyone else is doing. On your matchmade team, pick the person with the most impressive title and follow them around. Unbroken or Flawless preferred. If none of those, Reckoners are crazy enough to be good. If no one has any good titles, follow someone with the highest season rank because at least they play a lot. Just don’t be a hero and try to go off on your own. Back your team up and support them.
  • Don’t leave games. Again, with any amount of round wins on your card, you will be making progress even after quick losses. And leaving games is a crappy move anyway. Look, I’ve been tempted when I see myself going up against a three stack with flawless emblems and adept loadouts, but stand your ground as they may get cocky and give up a round or two.

It’s not necessarily fun to grind out drops this way, but it’s at least a road to possible full armor sets and Trials loot drops, when previously there wasn’t any path there for players who weren’t putting up wins. Times have changed, and Trials loot is for everyone now. Even us.

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