15 Questions We Have About It

5. What was Dogson’s plan?

Malcolm and Dogson showdown.

Malcolm and Dogson showdown.
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This one has been bugging me (pun intended)! But I think I have it cracked. We know that BioSyn is studying dinosaurs to help humanity. We also know that, in addition to helping humanity, they created these locusts to kill any crops not grown with BioSyn seed, thereby giving the company a monopoly on, basically, the entire world’s food chain.

At some point, Dodgson realizes this isn’t going so well which is why, we think, he decides to kidnap Beta and Maisie. Dr. Wu needs their DNA, and if he asks nicely, there’s a danger people might find out he’s responsible—hence the underground, criminal way in which they do it. The confusing part is that at no point does Dodgson make it seem like he actually is doing all this kidnapping for a good cause. Case in point, he okays the murder of Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen (Chris Pratt) in order to cover it up, although that doesn’t come to fruition.

In a perfect world, Dodgson would have brought Maisie and Beta to BioSyn, Dr. Wu would have fixed the locust problem, and no one would be the wiser. But then Ramsey betrayed him, and Claire and Owen came after Maisie, which gets the whole ball rolling.


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