Fake Klay Thompson says he was just banned from Chase Center

For the first time in a long time, Warriors folk hero Fake Klay Thompson was spotted outside of Chase Center on Monday. A stalwart of the Warriors’ 2015, 2017 and 2018 NBA title runs, Fake Klay — who is portrayed by YouTube prankster Dawson Gurley — has been a topic of conversation during previous ESPN broadcasts and Steve Kerr media sessions. (“I turned around and I was like, ‘Klay, did you eat a few extra burgers?'” Kerr once joked.) Fake Klay has shown up to everything from Finals games to ring ceremonies, to the delight of NBA fans.

But Monday may be the last time Warriors fans see Fake Klay Thompson for quite a while.

Gurley tweeted two hours before tip-off on Monday that he had been banned for life from Chase Center. Has he actually? Who knows. Chase Center officials couldn’t be reached to confirm the banning prior to publication (they were likely busy getting ready for Game 5 of the NBA Finals). According to Gurley, he was banned after walking past five layers of security guards “who willingly let me through security without asking for ID,” at which point he says he shot around on the court “for 10 minutes.”

Gurley then shared what he said was the official letter along with the ban, which appears to be signed by Chase Center’s vice president of security, Brian J. Herbert, which is the name of the actual Chase Center vice president of security.

This appears to be a picture of Gurley shooting around inside the arena.

Again, though, we’re talking about Fake Klay Thompson, meaning this whole episode could very well be fake, too.

At least two fans did spot Fake Klay Thompson on Monday morning, though. According to BART train operator Dewayne Deams, his sister was tricked by Fake Klay Thompson outside of Chase, and had no idea after taking pictures with him and her grandson that he’s not the real deal. A second fan spotted him in Union Square around 10 am

Gurley has benefited from the Fake Klay Thompson schtick through the years to the tune of tens of millions of views on everything from “Klay Thompson Plays Basketball with Strangers” to “Pretending To Be Klay Thompson.” When he’s not pretending to be Klay, the 29-year-old Gurley does a bunch of hidden camera pranks that range from kind of funny to extremely cringe, the latter of which include a whole series of pranks “in the hood.”

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