Report: Browns and Panthers still talking about Baker Mayfield, salary remains obstacle

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers

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The Panthers and Browns have spoken about a trade that would send quarterback Baker Mayfield to Carolina at points this offseason, but the Panthers’ demand that the Browns pick up the lion’s share of Mayfield’s $18.8 million salary have kept anything from happening.

That obstacle reportedly hasn’t gone anywhere as the Panthers close in on the end of their offseason program. Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reports that the two teams continue to have dialogue about a trade, but that the issue of how much of Mayfield’s salary the Browns will eat remains a stumbling block.

Jones adds that the Panthers would like to get something done now so that Mayfield could get some time with the team during this week’s minicamp, but there’s no sign that anyone is budging on the salary front at this point.

Mayfield was excused from the Browns’ minicamp and has not spent any time with the team since they traded for Deshaun Watson. Sam Darnold, Matt Corral, and PJ Walker are the current quarterbacks in Carolina.

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