Warriors confirm they banned Fake Klay Thompson from Chase

YouTuber Dawson Gurley, otherwise known as “Fake Klay Thompson,” said Monday that he was banned from the Chase Center after successfully getting onto the court before Warriors-Celtics Game 5.

It seemed too good to be true. Gurley bears little resemblance to Thompson, other than shaping his facial hair like Thompson does, and, I guess, wearing a Warriors uniform. If Gurley indeed breezed by stadium security by wearing a full jersey (which athletes generally don’t wear when entering arenas), it would represent a major breach.

And yet it appears that may have happened.

“An individual falsely impersonated a Warriors player in a deliberate attempt to access unauthorized areas within Chase Center,” a Warriors spokesperson told SFGATE. “These actions have resulted in a lifetime ban from both Chase Center and Kaiser Permanente Arena.” Kaiser Permanente Arena is the Warriors’ G League arena in Santa Cruz.

“Beyond that, we will not comment on legal or security matters.” (The Warriors did not respond to additional questions asking if Gurley actually successfully reached the floor and launched jumpers.)

In a series of tweets Monday, Gurley said “Technically, I did not trespass. I talked about security, went through metal detectors and walked right into the building. They welcomed me with open arms. I also never claimed to be Klay….Why should I be banned because their security is incompetent?”

Thompson’s “Fake Klay” shtick dates back years; arguably, he’s more recognizable as Fake Klay than anything else. Real Klay Thompson, meanwhile, had 21 points on 7-of-14 shooting in Game 5 Monday night, helping the Warriors to the brink of their fourth title in eight years.

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