Britney Calls Her Brother a ‘Bully,’ Says He Was ‘Never’ Invited to Wedding

Britney Spears has said in a now-deleted Instagram post that her older brother, Bryan, was never even considered for the guest list at her recent wedding to Sam Asghari. Bryan Spears, 45, was one of his sister’s co-conservators for 13 years, though since the conservatorship’s November termination he has largely managed to avoid the uncomfortable spotlight turned on the rest of the Spears family. “You were never invited to my wedding…” Britney wrote in the lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday, disputing an earlier claim that Bryan’s daughter’s graduation had kept him from the ceremony. “Do you honestly think I want my brother there who told me no to a Jack and coke for 4 years… what ???” The pop star alleged that her brother had refused to allow her to drink even “a sip” of alcohol during her four-year Las Vegas residency. “I’m sorry but cops are kind of the EXACT same way,” Britney fumed. “… just because they wear a star on their shirt every day they think that gives them the opportunity to bully people.” The singer accused her brother of helping to prolong the restrictive conservatorship “because you all loved… treating me like absolutely nothing!!!” She capped her post off pointedly: “GO FUCK YOURELF Bryan – Fuck you.”

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